Real Life 18

Lily is going to have her first creampie in this pornfidelity update. She loves showing off her pussy and her little bush but this is the first time someone fills her up with jizz on camera. Well, Ryan has his own way of convincing chicks to do everything he wants and to get their approval to record everything. Lily didn’t have any idea in what she was getting into when she heard Ryan offer to shoot a scene together, but in the end, she was the one begging Ryan to go one, so she was pleased with how things worked out for them.

Ryan ended up being a pretty lucky guy as the hot chick deepthroats his big dick right before she begs him to unload deep inside her. Ryan waited until she finished sucking off his hard dick in the hallway so he could take her to the bedroom and stuff her holes one by one. The cock hungry slut just couldn’t get enough of him and things got wilder and wilder by each second. Ryan did it again in this hot porn fidelity video and you can see him and Lily in action in the exclusive video below. Enjoy it and we’ll see you guys next time with more!


PornFidelity – Splitting the Prize

The trophy wife Nina is going to have a hell of a ride in this pornfidelity scene. Her husband Tyler surprised her and she ended up double teamed and with a pussy filled with cum. He knew that she always wanted to try out a threesome but she was too afraid to ask for it. Tyler wanted to surprise her so he asked his good buddy Jack to help him out with this one. Nina loves black dicks and she could never enough of them. Tyler being such a good husband made it happen today in this update and she was completely surprised when she heard about it especially having his friend right there with them. It took her a bit but she accepted.

Nina was a bit nervous at first but after that initial shock, she started working at the two black jocks. She sucked off their dicks and after she got her pussy pounded by both of them she ended up covered with nasty jizz all over her face. The guys also dumped their loads on her pussy as well. This is all for today but make sure you check the entire scene to see the sexy blonde in action with her two black hunks taking turns on pounding her hot ass. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more sexy babes getting fucked and jizzed. See you guys next time!


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PornFidelity – Winter Tail

Penny and Mike are here with their latest pornfidelity update and they had a blast fucking all over the place. They are friends for a while now, close friends and a few days ago they moved in in the same place. Although they are both attracted to one another, nothing really happened but last night that changed. There was a heating problem and in the middle of the night they ended up having some drinks to warm up. No one was going to come to their place, to help them out so until the morning they had to keep warm. They had a serious stack of alcohol around the house and this was the time to use it because it was getting colder and colder around the house.


Luckily for us, they found the best way to do that. All those drinks surely helped and shortly after they started drinking they ended up all over one another taking off their clothes and being all over one another. This is definitely a way better way to stay warm. Penny started sucking off Mike’s fat dick and then she spread her legs and shoved it deep inside her pussy and started riding it. The two roommates offered us an amazing scene and you can check it out below in the latest porn fidelity scene. This was all for today but stay tuned for more steamy updates featuring some of the nastiest girls in the business!

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Real Life 17

Alysa returned to the Madison’s place to get her juicy hole pounded by Ryan one more time and he took full advantage of all of them. Ryan shoved his dick down her throat until Alyssa was all covered in her spit. Ryan continued with banging her pussy and ass until the poor chick was completely worn out. Alyssa rides Ryan’s dick up her ass intensely and made him cum deep inside. The slutty blonde couldn’t get enough of Ryan’s huge dick and you can see that in the video below as he fucked her every hole in it.

The curvy blonde got what she came in for and so much more because Ryan couldn’t let her go with just a pussy pounding, so he took her holes one by one and stuffed them with his hard meat. We are sure that Alyssa is going to be back pretty soon for more action from Ryan Madison. You can’t find anyone better than Ryan and he loves fucking new chicks and he does a hell of a job each and every time. The girls line up for him but today was Alyssa’s lucky day and it was a day that she isn’t going to forget too soon. See her in action in the video below and don’t forget to return for more porn fidelity updates. You already know they are going to be hot so stay tuned. Enjoy!

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Porn Fidelity Blonde Brat, Black Cock

Aaliyah Love wants some action and she’s gonna get it in this latest pornfidelity video. She is so bored of her day life, like every spoiled rich girl. When she isn’t a complete brat she likes playing with herself in bed and dreaming of a dark cock. In this one, she finally gets what she wants. Aaliyah finally found the perfect black handsome stranger to fuck her and fill her with cum. Besides being a brat she also looks really good so getting a man isn’t such a hard thing to get. With her looks, she can pick which guy to take home and this was her lucky night because she found one handsome black guy.

She took him to her place and made sure she gets the best of him and she would get properly fucked. The black hunk delivered and offered a night she won’t forget too soon. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw his big black dick and couldn’t wait to get it in her filthy mouth. Aaliyah didn’t let his catch a breath and made sure that he fucks her good before sending him home. You can see her in action in the video below and it’s a steamy one. This was all for today but make sure you return for more Porn Fidelity hardcore scenes. Enjoy it and see you guys next time!


Winter Tail 2

We are back with another hardcore video, this time featuring Demi Lopez. In this one, she insisted on showing Ryan her sexy thongs and once he saw her he knew he had to bang her. Demi knew exactly how to turn him on and she used her sexy body to get him. She has a killer body and she loves using it to get men. Ryan wasn’t too hard to convince because once he saw her perfect tits and her juicy round ass, it was pretty clear that he’ll show her the true meaning of the word PornFidelity! The sexy blonde always wanted to get in Ryan’s pants so now she isn’t going to miss this opportunity.

She was at her place, in the bedroom when Ryan arrived at her place, so she invited him upstairs to get his opinion about her lingerie. Once Demi appeared topless wearing her sexy panties, Ryan was all over her. He got to stuff both of her holes and didn’t have any mercy on them. Everyone knows that Ryan likes it rough and in this episode, Demi is going to find out just how rough. Demi loves every second of it and you can hear that during the entire video. You have the video below and you must check it out. Until next time you can also check out Kelly and Ryan Madison in action in the older updates. Enjoy it and stay tuned!


Sister Crazy

Another affair from pornfidelity is here! In this video, we have Tyler Nixon and Kenzie Taylor and things get really hot between these two. Tyler had an accident in which he suffered a head injury and his step sister Kenzie had to look after him. After the accident, he started looking differently at her and he began to have vivid hallucinations about her hot body. Don’t you just love these little family affairs? There aren’t any boundaries in this family!

Kenzie is willing to do whatever it takes to make Tyler feel better. Tyler hallucinations got wilder and wilder and his sister played with it so by the end of the video you can see the sexy blonde getting first a nuru massage and then fucked by step brother. Nobody can deny the healing power of a sister’s love. See another insane family affair as these two fucking one another like there’s no tomorrow. As you know porn fidelity brings you the hottest videos so stay tuned for more hot updates. Also, make sure you check out the video below to see what Tyler Nixon and Kenzie Taylor did!


Real Life Video

Taylor Sands had the ride of the life in this pornfidelity video with Ryan Madison. Ryan offered her a ride home and he wasn’t going to let her at her place without fucking her. Ryan had some things to take care off around the city and saw Taylor with a lot of bag waiting for a cab. He couldn’t let her there without offering to take her home. Beside being such a gentleman he knew that he had a shot to get in her panties, and as usual he was right because things got really hot once they got to her place.

Taylor felt so bad wasting his time with a long drive to her home, so once they got there she had to thank him the proper way. The gorgeous brunette invited him in and in no time Ryan was in her bedroom, filling her holes in record time. Taylor loves having both of her holes stuffed so when Ryan began pounding her tight ass she had a toy deep in her pussy. Ryan stretched her out and left her happy and full of cum. Check out the entire action in the video below and we’ll see you next time with more!


Every Man’s Fantasy Video

PornFidelity brought another exclusive video for you guys. The gorgeous August knows she’s a sex addict and in this video, you are going to see her in action. The sexy brunette got roughly fucked by Ryan and she did a hell of a job.  August’s sex addiction started from an early age when she found her dad’s nude magazine stash and since then she dreamed about being a woman men fantasized about. Now with Ryan, she gets to explore her kinkiest desires so tonight end up being a slippery, wild and wet ride. August showed off her amazing curves in front of the camera starting with her huge knockers and continuing with her pussy and fine ass. She got really dirty in this one so you gotta check it out. Ryan did a hell of a job as usual and you just have to check it out to see these two getting down and dirty. August finally got to ride his hard dick and it was exactly as she imagined it. This is all for today but make sure you check out the video below and we’ll bring you more next time!


PornFidelity Video Assercise 2

We have another amazing pornfidelity video featuring Ryan Madison and Demi Lopez. You must see Demi getting her ass roughly hammered by Ryan in this exclusive update. Sexy Demi works really hard to keep her ass in shape and running in the park is one of the best ways to do that. Well besides keeping her in shape it’s also a great way to meet new guys and that’s pretty much how she got to meet Ryan. Not that Demi had any problems getting men, but this was she was combining two of her interests. After a long list of guys Ryan was the one.


The other morning while she was running she noticed Ryan checking her out and after a couple of laps Ryan found a way of talking with her. He didn’t had to work too hard to get her attention and in no time they were at her place. While she was taking a bath at her place, Ryan makes sure he gives her a more intense workout and ends up filling her pussy up with a huge load. It was an insane scene and Demi loved every part of it. This was all for today but make sure you return for more steamy updates!